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Aria Tabaar caviar under the supervision of sturgeon reproduction experts, produced the finest quality authentic Iranian caviar to maintain the position of Iranian caviar in the domestic and foreign markets and has all the permission and certificates to exporst Iranian caviar to all of the world. We can offer the best caviar with the most reasonable price and export it around the world by the  CITES exporting code is 525. 

Our Products

Aria Tabaar caviar

Caspian Tabaar Aria

Aria Tabaar caviar

Baerii Caviar

Astra caviar

Baerii caviar comes from Siberian sturgeon. The Baerii caviar with smaller eggs is usually dark gray or black and it is known for its rich fine grains and fantastic quality

Beluga caviar

what is beluga

Beluga caviar is consisting of the roe of the Huso Huso which is the largest sturgeon. Iranian Beluga caviar is light gray and has largest eggs among other caviars.

What is caviar

What is caviar

Caviar is salted eggs or roe of the sturgeons.Caviar comes from the Persian word khaviar wich means “bearing eggs”. Iranian Caviar is the most luxurious food around the world.